Trainer's Kit with Driver's License Booklet and signs.

Please specify "On Premise" restaurant, bar or other. "Off Premise" grocery, convenience, package store or other. Includes all documentation, signs and CD-R audio data disc.

Services and Costs

Professional Alcohol Seller's Training LLC
"Learn from the PAST prepare for the future"

Seller, Server and Manager Trainee Books with Tests and Documentation for only $20 each, not $40 like some programs and no additional charge for Trainers which some charge up to $499. No minimum purchase such as 10 books. Also as the ABC requires a change in the program we update the Trainer's Kit for FREE.

Trainer's Kit including CD-R audio Powerpoint data disc, complete program, Driver's License booklet, required signs, forms, labels and Test Key for $40 and may be used as long as needed. Updates are free.

Additional Laminated "We I.D." Signs. $7 (2 included for FREE with first order)

6 inch black light for I.D. checks. $10

If this is your first order from P.A.S.T. it will be shipped prepaid or due on receipt. Additional orders will be shipped net 15. Most orders are shipped Fed-X 2 day ground. A Fed-X shipping charge will be added and 9% sales tax. Late payments may require C.O.D., cancellation and ABC notification.

The ABC has an annual certification fee of $35 per license (alcohol classification).


6 inch black lights available @ $10.00.

Remember the 2005 and newer Licenses glow under black light and so do charge cards.